Here are some tips for creating a Halloween Spooky Pumpkin for your party or to display in your window.

  • Carve your halloween spooky pumpkin in a well lit area on a flat surface
  • Draw your pattern on your pumpkin first
  • Use a specially designed pumpkin tool, not a sharp knife
  • Start with eyes and nostrils at the centre of the design before moving onto the larger section.
  • Keep the pumpkin firm by not pushing out sections once they are done when there are more sections to cut out.
  • Push the cut pieces in  or out depending on the angle of the cut.
  • Use a battery operated tealight instead of a real flame
  • Use your fingers or cotton bud to add a thin layer of Vaseline to the cut surfaces of your halloween spooky pumpkin.  This helps to lock in moisture.

  • Place candles inside a high sided glass to keep them safe and protect the flame from any gusts of wind.  Always be careful when using candles.